Taxi Into Position and Hold – Phenom 300

I was strapped into the front of a brand new Phenom 300 demonstrator. Fort Worth Alliance Tower instructed us to “taxi into position and hold.”  We were about to be cleared for take-off. My heart was racing with excitement.

It was a cool autumn morning, the sun was barely peaking over the horizon. I guided the jet onto runway 34R’s centerline.

I had recently joined Embraer Executive Jets to sell new Phenoms in the Central U.S.  This flight served two purposes: repositioning to Kansas City for the Midwest Air Expo; and getting me acquainted with this new-to-me flying machine.

Embraer Demo Pilot, Taylor, was sitting in the left seat.  He was excited, and knew I would appreciate this experience.

Taylor requested clearance for a high performance takeoff.  It was early and traffic was light.  Alliance Tower happily obliged.

Max take-off weight in the Phenom 300 is 18,497 lbs. Transporting just Taylor, me and enough fuel for the short trip to Kansas City, we were light, and about 3,000 lbs under max take-off weight.

Sitting in the right seat, my left hand was on the throttles, and my right on the ram’s horn (Embraer’s famous control yoke).

On Taylor’s command, I advanced the throttles to full power.  As the Pratt & Whitney 535E engines roared to life, I was pressed so far back in my seat I should have been wearing a G-Suit.

In no time, Taylor hollered “rotate!”  Suddenly, we were flying.  Producing 3,600 lbs of takeoff thrust each, the 535Es had us accelerating rapidly. There was little time to retract gear and flaps before overspeed.

On climb out, the flight deck angle was so steep I experienced what it must be like to depart Cape Canaveral in the Space Shuttle.

My first Phenom 300 flight was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

Embraer knocked the cover off the ball with the Phenom 300.  But don’t take my word for it.  At 430 units delivered since December, 2009, the numbers don’t lie.

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